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East Invicta eXcel Championships

Saturday 30th Nov, Sunday 1st December at Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Canterbury

Saturday 7th December & Sunday 8th December at Dover District Leisure Centre, Dover


The gala will take place at Kingsmead Leisure Centre, Kingsmead Road, Canterbury CT2 7PH (Map below) on Saturday 30th November & Sunday 1st December, 2019 and at Dover District Leisure Centre, Honeywood Parkway, Whitfield, Dover CT16 3FH (Map Below)



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Olympic Training Camp Timetable


Saturday December 28th


830-9                    Register              

9-930                    Talk1

930-1045             Swim 1A              Gym 1B

1045-1215           Swim 1B              Gym 1A


1330-1500           Swim 2A              Gym 2B

1500-1630           Swim 2B              Gym 2A

1645-1700           Wrap Up

1700-1730           Collection


Sunday December 29th


830-845               Register

845-930               Talk2

930-1045             Swim 3A              Gym 3B

1045-1215           Swim 3B              Gym 3A


1330-1500           Swim 4A              Gym 4B

1500-1630           Swim 4B              Gym 4A

1645-1700           Wrap Up

1700                     Collection


Group A = younger group

Complete swims earlier slots 930-1045 & 1330-1530 to avoid becoming too tired later in day

Group B = older group

Complete swims later slots 1045-1215 & 1500-1630 as energy will last longer for swimming through day


Talk1:                   Safety / Behaviours / Outline of Day / Key Focus Points

1A Swim:             Streamlining / Free Drills & Technique / Starts

1B Land:              Stretching / Core


2A Swim:             Backstroke Drills & Technique / Tumble Turns / Relay Takeovers

2B Land::             Stretching / ABCs


Talk2:                   Outline Day 2 / ‘Being a Champion’

3A Swim:             Fish Kicking / Fly Drills / Touch Turns

3B Land::             Stretching / Basic Strength Exercises


4A Swim:             Brst Drills & Technique / Back to Brst Turn / Fun Relays

4B Land::             ABCs Games




Full Results:


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