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Executive Members for 2018

President Mr P Crouch   General Secretary   Mrs W Vinson  
Treasurer Mr P Webster   Trophies Secretary Vacant
Social Secretary Dormant   Swimming Officials Mrs G Bates
Swimming Championships Secretary Mr S Walker   eXcel Swim Squad Manager Mark Walsh
      Masters Swimming Secretary Mr D Staveley
Life Saving Championships Secretary Dormant   Diving Championships Secretary Dormant
Synchronised Swimming Secretary Dormant   Water Polo Secretary




Club Representatives


Peter Crouch (Faversham SC) E-mail: peter.crouch2@yahoo.co.uk
Kevin O’Connor (Folkestone SC) E-mail: kevingaryoconnor@aol.com
Denise Walsh (Ashford School)  
Alan Davidson (Canterbury)  
Scott walker (Dover)  
Kim Walker (Hythe)  
Wendy Boyd (Thanet)  
David Whorlow (Kings School)



Georgina Bates (Ashford Town SC)


Committe meeting dates for 2017:
Wednesday 10th May
Monday September 11th
eXcel meeting 1945hrs - East Invicta 1900hrs each evening
Association Past Presidents are also welcome to attend committee meetings
Let us know if you would like to become involved in the work of the association
Further information from: mail@eastinvicta.co.uk
East Invicta Constitution and By Laws