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East Invicta Parents Meeting
Dover Seasports Centre

Mr. S Law, Mrs. S Law, Mrs. J Wood, Sanchia Seagrove-Castle , Shaun Ward, John West, Tim Davies, Mr. S Kay, Mrs. S Kay, Tasha Hyde, Niel Basford, Colwen Basford, Megan Basford, Gillian Shepherd, Claire Harrington, Elaine Keen, Ian Howes, Ian Waller, Martyn Weymouth, Pete Saunders, Alison Richards, Wendy Grace, Tim Hyde, Peter Barrett, Karen Craft, Shaun Craft, Stuart Turner, Samantha Card, Caroline Hurst.
Rosa Gallup, Amiee Stokes, Georgina Bates , Scott Walker, Mark Walsh

The meeting started at 19:30 with a brief introduction from Mark Walsh , explaining the purpose and format of the meeting and introducing Rosa, Aimee, Georgina , Scott and himself.

Scott delivered a short presentation covering the key tenets f the programme, being:-

- Working with the clubs and NOT taking over from the clubs
- Providing ADDITIONAL training opportunities (for the elite squad and development swimmers)
- Working with and through the participating clubs' coaches
- Developing our coaching skills further with continued coach training
- Coaches work together in a forum making the key decisions on performance criteria, training events and selections.
- Training and competing as one team at regional, national and zonal competitions

(we hope to have a copy of this presentation on the East Invicta ASA website shortly)

The meeting was then opened to the floor for questions:

1. How will logistics be addressed - this will mean more travelling surely?
It is unfortunate but 'training for swimmers' means 'travelling' for parents. Working through the coaches we will try to make extra training as cost effective and 'democratic' ( i.e. sharing the travelling pain across the area) as possible.
It should be noted that 'car-pooling' between parents is very possible BUT coaches taking swimmers is not allowed under current regulations.

2. How does this fit with the current performance structures, ASE programmes, performance centres and the like?
Really well - it is very much aligned.

3. Could this develop into a Kent County Team?
In principal yes. In fact Scott has asked the Kent ASA if they have any plans in this regard.
However, it is likely that what we have developed so far in East Invicta is well in advance of any county initiative.
'Geography' is critical for us and it depends how far we can stretch ourselves - Kent , and particularly rural Kent , makes 'logistics' more complex.
Starting with East Invicta Excel will not perclude any further developments, including a 'total Kent ' idea - should it arise.

4. Are there restrictions on numbers in this squad?
In short NO. However, the selection criteria will decide the membership of the performance squad. This is currently in discussion with the coaches. Please remember that this programme ALSO addresses the development needs of non-performance swimmers AND coaches. In this way we can ensure the long term success of the programme.

5. How will the team be 'named' in programmes and on kit etc.etc.
In programmes - ideally something like 'Joe Bloggs - East Invicta Excel (Faversham). However for this year's events we have a 'coding' issue. As such, it would appear in programmes as 'Joe Bloggs - East Invicta Excel.'
HOWEVER it will be clearly noted in the programme that East Invicta Excel is composed of the following clubs.......
On Kit - whilst we will all be wearing the same colours, kit will clearly identify 'East Invicta Excel' with the 'home club' being given equal billing.

6. How many Clubs can a swimmer belong to?
As many as they want is the official answer. However, to compete for 'East Invicta Excel' a multiple membership form will have to be completed before entries are submitted.

7. Can we train with the squad and not compete for the squad?
The idea is that we create an aspirational team which will train and compete together. We intend to have this completed for this year's South Eastern and National Championships. The advantages of doing this for this year are:
- We will get more swimmers to the South East Championships and possibly nationals
- Swimmers and coaches from smaller clubs who qualify will be part of a team and not there 'on their own'
- There are no manuals on how to do this. We have to 'learn by doing' so we had better start now.

8. Won't the club coaches feel 'put out' - losing their swimmers to something bigger?
They should not.
The club coaches are very much involved in how this programme is being shaped. In essence, it is their programme.
Moreover, the initiative will not seperate a coach from his/her swimmer - that is part of what we agreed at the beginning.
Finally, - training events under the 'East Invicta Excel' will be much less in number than the training sessions being held at home clubs.

Other information
The constitution of the East Invicta ASA is being altered to allow the formation of a 'C-Club'. This will be completed shortly and notice of an extra-ordinary GM will be sent out accordingly.
Rosa has volunteered to attend one of the up and coming 'coaches meetings' to ensure the coaches understand clearly the opportunities the ASA are prepared to offer them.
Scott ascertained that 'team kit' should cost the parents no more than £25-30 and informed everyone the kit will be 'neutral' - bright red with white and possible blue flashes.

The meeting closed at 21:00.